Miscellaneous tests

Charlotte's Web Pitch

Framestore's bid for the rat character, Templeton. We were
provided with the backplates and the slightly strange dialogue.
I believe the test was to be used to help generate funding for the
film, hence the reference to Walmart. This was a lot of fun to do,
but our small team had to cut a lot of corners to get it finished on
time. The rat is actually one of the squirrels from Charlie and
the Chocolate Factory
, who was fattened up and given
longer, darker hair.

Framestore Idents

Framestore idents. My idea, 'Lemmings' (top right) was chosen as the concept for Framestore's ident which was to be
shown in the cinema in front of their films, as well as on the internet. 'Roller' (top left) was another idea on a similar
theme. The two movies below are more generic ideas I had for the ident, based around an illusion of perspective.

The designer, Javier Mariscal, saw the letters as characters and I decided to try and
make the letters' different personalities apparent in the way they move.

Badpod Tests


Pre-production animation tests of the 'Batpod' from the film The Dark Knight. Created to investigate how the vehicle might
function and to explore ideas for the film. The Batpod was also rigged by myself.


Tooth Fairy Test

One of many pre-production tests made of the 'Tooth Fairies' from Hellboy II. Created
to investigate how they might move as both quadrupeds and insects, as well as how
their vicious nature could be made apparent in their movement.


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