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Bouncing Ball Lecture A lecture I gave for the animation course at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee during my term as a visiting lecturer there.
Walk Cycle Workshop A Maya animation workshop I gave at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art that I posted on my blog.
Misc Tutorials All posts on my blog labeled 'tutorial' - covering various topics including tips on many aspects animation and acting.
Bird Flight Tips Bird flight tutorial created in my spare time for the film Legend of the Guardians.




Designed and created the branding, and website for this spiral staircase company.
Brendan Body (old) First version of my website, designed by myself and put together with assistance from my father, David Body.
Cartoon Baboon Branding design and website created for this personal project.

A list of inspirational animation showreels created and maintained by a group of friends.

Friend's Showreels Quick websites created for my friends to help them distribute their showreels to potential
employers - James Cunliffe, Jon Turburfield, Julia Goehle


Photographs coming soon ...
Drawings coming soon ...


Drawn Animation  
The Brain Turn around My first attempt at traditional animation in a long time, a simple turnaround of The Brain from Pinky and The Brain.
Angle and Curve Promo A hand drawn animated advert for a U.K. based headphone company that was completed in just 10 days. Conceived and animated by Craig Bardsley and myself, layout and character design by Julia Goehle.

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